Associated production falicities

Fábrica madera y chapas nobles


Manufacturing facilities specialising in working with solid wood and hardwood veneers. They manufacture chairs, sofa structures, armchairs and any pieces in wood. Assembly and finishing of furnishing previously machined. With finishes and decorations of any kind and demand..

They have sufficient and updated machinery for the manufacture of high-quality furnishings and a polishing line adapted for increased agility and efficiency, guaranteeing a defined finish and quality.


Manufacturing facilities dedicated to the machining, development and preparation of parts for furniture. Specialising in precision work for subsequent enhancement of the furniture. Prepared and qualified to provide solutions to problems and draw up complex designs and varied proposals.

Specialising in work involving folding and large-scale lightened mitre joints.

They have advanced and very modern machinery. Highly mechanised company with few manual processes.

Fabrica mecanización y desarrollo
Fábrica plegadora de metal


Manufacturing facilities dedicated to the manufacture of metallic structures for furniture. Chairs, legs, bases, columns, countertops and varied and complex parts for all types of furniture.

Specialising in stainless-steel products, with machinery that is constantly being updated.


Manufacturing facilities dedicated to the manufacturing and finishing of pieces for furniture and interior decoration: curtains, sofas, chairs, pouffes, armchairs, etc.

Very versatile company. It adapts to any style and model, whether economical or high level.

It has experienced personnel who are knowledgeable about the sector and scrupulous in the final preparation of the product.

Fábrica acabados decoración textil
Fábrica impresión digital


Manufacturing facilities dedicated to large-format digital printing. They print images on any surface and material.

They have precise and high-performance machinery.

They have pressurised cabins for high-quality finishes and fixing of previously printed products.

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