Interior design allows the proper harmony and aesthetic to be achieved in a hotel or home. It allows specific environments to be created, depending on what ambience is desired. In general, a rustic style type of furniture, where wood predominates, would be perfect in rural hotels. On the other hand, in hotels near the sea, a more neutral style would be better, with light colours, marine motifs and decoration related to beaches and the coast.

In private homes, the same holds true. A home should reflect the personality of the person who lives in it. A reflection of yourself and your essence. This is why it is important that the decoration of interior spaces meets the owner’s needs.

We have a team of designers prepared to interpret and bring to life the particular needs and expectations of each client. We accompany our proposals with 3D infographics and other graphic materials. In addition to spaces, we design and customise furniture, decorative light fittings, textiles and other decorative elements.


If interior design is important, so is Landscaping. At Plus Ocean, we firmly believe in bringing the same level of expertise to exterior decoration.

Landscaping makes it possible to create enchanting outdoor spaces, giving exteriors their own personality, style and charm. It allows the area outside the house or hotel to become a fundamental part of the construction.

Always consider the possibilities of the garden, terrace, porch or patio. We seek stylistic proposals that are consistent with other areas and the taste of our clients. Landscaping not only includes decoration, but also remodelling and redistributing spaces, making them more spacious and functional.

Who doesn’t like to organise dinners in their garden when the weather is good? And even more so if it is a well-tended garden, with furniture with character, and in which one is made to feel at ease thanks to its layout and features.

With Plus Ocean, enjoy your home like never before with exteriors you have always dreamed of.

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