Project & construct management

Project & construct management

We offer a project and construction management service, based on the needs and prerequisites of each client. Carrying out a project requires a lot of organisation in advance, careful and exhaustive planning, coordination, and optimisation of time and resources. For this reason, Plus Ocean has professionals with years of experience in the sector, who will make it possible for any project to be carried out successfully and in a safeguarded manner. We also take care of monitoring appropriate progress in each of the different phases of the project, from the beginning to its completion.


We are committed to meeting all of our initial objectives. We make a firm commitment to achieving success in the project within the framework of the previously agreed constraints. Throughout the entire process, we ensure that all technical and economic agreements made with the client are upheld. With us, there is no place for last-minute surprises. Nothing is left to chance, and from the beginning, we follow established guidelines with the greatest professionalism and efficiency.

Furthermore, we take control of both the planning of the work as well as its physical execution. This includes the contracting of materials, industrial companies, professionals, etc., and the coordination of all the equipment necessary to carry out the work. We guarantee compliance with objectives established with respect planning, cost and operational quality.

Construct Management

We also follow the quality plan of the work and supervise all the tests and/or analyses regarding the quality of the various materials. We also ensure the implementation of the plan or plans for occupational health and safety and monitor any incidents that may arise.

We manage the final documentation for the delivery of the finished work: certifications, registration of services, etc.

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