Comprehensive service covering execution of work within the hotel and catering sector. We offer all the necessary services, from the design plan to the installation, manufacturing and supply of each product.

We utilise the “Just-in-time” methodology, a Japanese organisation system, also known as the Toyota method. It allows costs to be reduced and time and resources optimised, allowing the project to be completed within the agreed periods. We operate in an orderly and organised fashion, with a discipline and precision that allows continuous improvement in our services.

We stand out and set ourselves apart from others because we offer our customers peace of mind, comfort and assurance. The fact that our offer includes everything necessary for the work in the hotel streamlines the process and means that any issue that may arise can be resolved quickly, effectively and directly. All this in a practical way that does not wait on pending contributions from third parties.


We study each case from the first sketches and plans, adjusting to the particular needs of each client, both functional and economic, as well as the planning of the construction, quality control and execution deadlines.

If desired, we can take care of furnishing the property down to the smallest detail. Beds, tables, shelves, sofas, kitchen utensils… Nothing will be missing from the home if it is left in our hands. Not only do we provide a solution that meets your needs in a comprehensive manner, we make each new project a reason for motivation, with optimal results, and always in accordance with the agreements in place from the beginning.

At all times, our goal is to create environments that result in a better quality of life. Together, we will make your home the environment you have always dreamed of. A place that expresses your style and personality, where you can recognise a job well done and a place that makes you proud forever.

Servicio construcción Mallorca


Full or partial service for both hotels and individuals, our objective is to improve the space according to the plans of the client and adapted to their possibilities, always complying with any relevant regulations.

Any construction requires commitment, experience and professionalism. At Plus Ocean, we take care of the design, management and direct execution of new works, and whole and/or partial reforms, within the agreed times and budgets. We have teams of highly qualified professionals working towards perfect execution in each of the phases of the project.

We are aware that many times, commencing work requires having some control over who carries it out. Relying on us makes the whole process easier. We have an enthusiastic and positive way of working, which is seen in all our projects. Each new challenge gives us new momentum to develop our best aspects and achieve the result that each client desires.

We carry out refurbishments and new constructions at a national level and of any type: restoration, enclosure systems, waterproofing, etc.


We adapt to the needs of our clients, looking for the solution that is best for them. Impossible is a word that cannot be found among our vocabulary, and that is why a complex project leads us to work tirelessly to make it a success. What is impossible is what is not attempted, and we have an entrepreneurial, creative and proactive spirit. This is what has led us to become one of the leading companies in the Balearic Islands. Challenges motivate us, and in the face of each new test, we come up with the best version of ourselves to successfully overcome it. At Plus Ocean, we work enthusiastically to make any idea or need of our client come true. Our team will study each case to carry out any type of project, from the most general to the most particular, including work that is completely bespoke.

In addition to working for the hotel sector and private individuals, we take forward and participate in projects regarding commercial spaces, professional spaces, outdoor spaces, recreational areas, temporary spaces, etc.

Reformas Mallorca

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