Alongside offering high-quality service to its guests, a hotel’s reputation rests on its style, elegance, comfort and features. When a hotel manages to associate itself with positive sensations, its road to success is guaranteed. If your guests have felt at home, have not missed anything, and have come across all kinds of modern and pleasant spaces, they will recommend it and even return in the future. At Plus Ocean, we work so that the hotels that we service can create a positive brand image.


We offer a FF&E | OS&E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment | Operating Supplies & Equipment) service. We take charge of supplying hotels with everything they may need to furnish their spaces. From the rooms for guests to common areas, exteriors, kitchens, etc. Furniture, accessories, decorative items… everything that falls outside the “fixed” elements of the structure. Writing tables, curtains, electronic equipment, beds or bookcases. Nothing will be missing from the hotel with our services.

Always in line with the needs of our clients, following the stylistic guidelines of each hotel, and using the best brands on the market. High-quality materials that make a difference and achieve optimal “dressing” of the environment.



Both indoor and outdoor furnishings selected from a catalogue or made to measure, depending on the needs of our clients. We work with all styles and qualities to tailor our solution to each project.


Decorative and architectural lighting for any type of space or environment, both interior and exterior.



Decorative textiles for public areas and rooms: curtains, curtains, cushions, plaids, etc. All types of bed linens to dress rooms.


We have a wide variety of decorative products: mirrors, carpets, ornamental objects, paintings and films of all kinds.

Suministros electrónica


A wide variety of electronic products or household appliances covering everything available on the market: heating, air conditioning, image, computer technology, small household appliances, sound, telephony, etc.


Any type of product required for the refitting or furnishing of your business or home: accessories, household goods, all types of sleep products, products for communities, etc.


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